Yoga for now

Built on breath and backed by science, the Les Mills Yoga For Now campaign is built around the cultural and physical need for wellness. Wellness of the mind and body in today’s world.
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It is about The People

Post Transition
The mission is simple. Walking shoulder to shoulder with every man and woman that has given their today, for our tomorrow. A focus on creating positive change with a supportive transition to civilian life.
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Workout for Water

Unicef x Les Mills
With a vision to change the world for thousands of children by raising enough funds for UNICEF to complete two multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.
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The Nano Series

Reebok x Les Mills
To celebrate the launch of the new co-branded “Official Shoe of Fitness” Reebok Nano X1 shoe and deliver a fresh take on fitness experiences, we created the Nano Series - Workouts Re-Imagined.
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Marlon Woods – The Journey to Mastery

Les Mills
Marlon Woods, has pushed through bankruptcy, overcome depression, served his country in the military, and worked on Capitol Hill. This is his story.
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